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For healthy eats, this is something which I found to be tasty yet healthy!

They let you replace grains with vegetables for no extra cost, cutting down on unecesary calories is easy.

This place has a selection of beans, their Vamos blend is pure Venezuelan beans, you can tell by the sour but floral flavour and aroma of the brew.

RM8 for a simple cup of black coffee, pretty good.

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You can have this as a replacement for Yee Sang, kinda difficult to Lao, but overall a nice mix of prawn, salmon bits with dragon fruit, mandarin oranges, and some greens. I guess it's definitely healthier than regular Yee Sang.

Costs rm30 btw.

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The coffee here is slightly sour, making me think this from Zambia or Ethiopia.

It's not unpleasantly sour, but kinda like the zesty acidic taste of Arabica.

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The decor and environment here is very minimalist, which is surprisingly soothing to be in.

The grain bowls come in 3 sizes, small (RM14.5) regular (RM18.5) and large (RM24.5)

I recommend you take the regular since you get a full serving of protein instead of half like the small bowl.

I picked miso roasted pumpkin (10/10 this is amazing) nyonya chicken style pineapple and tomato chicken breast, mung bean sprouts, pickled young papaya, seaweed flakes, aolio, over a base of 10 grain rice.

Overall it's a tasty and guilt free bowl.

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