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Have to order their sandwiches! Love the basic ham and cheese sandwich & the battered fish fillet sandwich!! The hot ginger teh was great too! Might want to skip the salted egg spaghetti, felt it was abit dry and jelak

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Their Sunny Side Chick ($10.80) showcases crispy, fried boneless chicken thigh 🐔 with salted egg cream spaghetti 🍝. Topped with sprinkling of snowy milk powder & crunchy butter cereal, this dish is certainly shiok! 😋 Very creamy!

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For a light meal, opt for their Salted Egg C.F.C Sandwich ($5) 🥪! Sandwiching a boneless fried chicken thigh 🍗 slathered with decadent salted egg mayo sauce ✨️ is fluffy buttered toast 🍞. Very lovely combination! 💗

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Unassuming, hole-in-the-wall minimalistic sandwich stall within Far East Square. I’ve heard so much about their grilled sandwiches and am finally landing my hands on one! Korea’s current menu is rather limited in terms of protein options in unpreserved forms (ie. fresh meat!) They’re pretty much meatless or comes served with spam/ turkey ham. For the rather steep price point, I would expect more freshness in the grills. It’s unfortunate that duck is no longer on the menu! I dropped by for a visit on a Friday - just for the Tuna Melt which was available only on Fridays (Chicken - “Roasted Chook" is available on Thursdays at the time of writing).

The order took 10mins to be prepared and served - piping hot! I love how melty they look on the insides, and plus points to the sunny side up! I like how it wasn’t fully cooked - as pictured, it was slightly runny on the insides. It’s the perfect gooeyness to add to the gooey mess. The tuna salad (essentially tuna mixed with mayo and other seasoning), was also served with green chillies, a new flavour mix that I wasn’t aware could taste so good. All goodness sandwiched between whole-wheat sourdough grilled to golden brown, it’s simply amazing! I had one of the most gratifying lunches in the CBD to-date. The impressive tuna sandwich is now making me reconsider their spam-filled options… how could I dismiss them off just because they’re loaded with sodium!

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Randomly chanced upon this cafe and pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. Their "Cold shoulder" cold brew white coffee is nice too!

had the steak and egg, and it was pretty good and really worth the price with burpple beyond! the matcha latte was rich in flavor too, but the orange mocha felt just a tad bit diluted

Dessert after lunch at Cedele - Organic green & red rooibos tea with lemon lust. The sour n sweet lemon lust bursts in yr mouth! Good balance! Very refreshing!

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Visited this Italian place on a Tuesday afternoon. As I had a rather substantial brunch earlier, I decided to order one of their salads.

Their salmon salad came with a generous serving of fresh smoked salmon slices, avocado cubes and shredded egg that would satisfy your tummy and keep you full till the next meal. For sources of fibre, the salad came with arugula, iceberg lettuce and baby tomatoes. For the dressing, olive oil and a wedge of lemon were served in a saucer. Perhaps just a personal preference but I would have liked their egg to be served sliced or while instead.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent salad with a generous serving to justify its higher price tag apart from its location. As we used our Burpple voucher here, this salad only came up to $11 including GST and service charge! The dining partner order a pasta and we also saw diners around us enjoying sandwiches. It’s a place worth considering for traditional Italian cuisine and for a quiet afternoon hangout where you can chat with friends without being rushed to leave when you’re done with your meal. We also saw some patrons doing their work at this spot. It might be a less convenient place if you’re coming by the MRT but for that you do get a really peaceful environment for your meal.

The Truffle Chicken ($12) with Scrambled Eggs & Mozzarella ($4) is definitely the most perfect way to start the day. Juicy and tender chicken thigh that is super well marinated topped with truffle mayo and a slice of torched cheddar; this is the definition of simple yet perfect. Would definitely be keen to visit Keen’s more often!

The Loxu ($13) was filled with a heap of fresh Norwegian Smoked Salmon, super value for money! Love the addition of capers in it, whetting my appetite further.

Redeemed this with the 30% off bill deal and paid $18.95 for the pasta! Pasta was nice and creamy but got a bit jelak after awhile 🍄

𝐇𝐨𝐥𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐰 ($18) was generously loaded with beef slices, combined with garlic butter, chimchurri, sunny egg, and cheddar. Personally found the juicy beef to be chewy and under-seasoned, especially when eaten all together in a big sandwich bite. More of the savory garlic butter and refreshing herbaceous sauce would have certainly elevated this, and found eating the sandwich with one instead of two layers of bread to better allow the flavours through.

Insta: cafehoppingkids

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