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you can choose to get a spicy or clear base!! but this one wasn’t really spicy, kind of like kimchi level? there was a lot of ingredients!! this was v comforting to eat esp if you sit indoors because the aircon is really strong HAHA

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salmon sashimi ($6/3pc)
hamachi ($11/3pc)
tai ($10/3pc)

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Love this kway chap. Well marinated and flavourful pig intenstine and meat. Great supper choice coz it’s open till late!

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Deep within the heartlands of Sengkang (Fernvale), @coldflings is a Gelato & Waffles, Açaí Cafe that can satisfy your dessert cravings at odd hours in the night!😉

What we enjoyed was their Buttery Waffles with 2 scoops of Gelato:

👉Chrysanthemum Cacao Nibs
So refreshing and not too sweet!

👉Chocolate Indulgence
Love that the flavour was robust. In collaboration with Vitaminmall, this contains collagen peptides & probiotics!

If you’re in the neighborhood, I’d highly recommend you to visit this newly opened ice-cream cafe! Dine-in seats within the cafe can be quite limited but there is an outdoor seating area which can probably accommodate about 3-4 groups.👍

[Media Invite]

📍Cold Flings
High Park Residences
21 Fernvale Rd 01-05, S797637
🚇2 mins away from Thanggam LRT (Sengkang)
🚘Public Parking Right Beside

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The prawn fitters still good, the prawn mee not as tasty as before. But still decent.
The soup still quite flavourful, the noodle cooked Al dente and toated in savoury sauce and the prawn fresh.
📍Blanco Prawn Noodle House.
235 Jalan Kayu.

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Must tries for me are the brussel sprouts (pictured) and potato stacks. Will probably be heading there (halfway across town) for another serving.

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No frills restaurant! Small space (have to walk sideways to the table) with about 2-3 tables. The soup had salmon, clams and mushrooms added. The salad is normal, just filler. The mains are worth it too. I prefer the mentai choices instead of the signature one. But I wouldn't mind coming back again. About $38+/- total after gst

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Recurring customer for their prawn noodles, so good! 💯

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Soft-launching earlier this week, The Apricus Coffee & Food Co. is probably a location that most folks familiar with the specialty coffee scene would take an interest in checking out. Brought by the same folks whom are behind The Populus Coffee & Food Co. that is located at Neil Road, The Apricus Coffee & Food Co. is their very first outpost that is nestled within the heartlands — they are located along the same row of shophouses where Thohirah Restaurant is situated, and are also neighbours with the outpost of Tenderfresh Makcik Tuckshop at Jalan Kayu as well. The interior of the cafe is well-designed; there are some design cues that one would be able to recognise being rather similar to that of The Populus Coffee & Food Co. — these would include the interior furnishings and fittings with the use of metallic and wooden elements for a bit of industrial chic flavour, as well as the geometrical wooden panels on some of the walls as well. Being a concept by the same folks of The Populus Coffee & Food Co., the menu served at The Apricus Coffee & Food Co. does carrying some dishes that are right off the menu at The Populus Coffee & Food Co. — think favourites such as The Populus Scramble, Spring Pancake & Fried Chicken, as well as the Dark Chocolate Sundae. That being said, there are still quite a number of items on the menu that are exclusive to The Apricus Coffee & Food Co. as well, such as The APRICUS Aubergine & Eggs, APRICUS Green Bowl, and Crispy Potato Stack; just to name a few. Beverages available here include the usual suspects where specialty coffee is of concern (brewed using beans roasted by 2 Degrees North Coffee Co.) — other beverages featured here would be the selection of artisanal and cold brewed ice teas, matcha beverages featuring Niko Neko’s matcha products, as well as freshly-squeezed juices.

Opting to go for an item off the All Day Brunch section of the menu that is exclusively available at The Apricus Coffee & Food Co., we found ourselves going for the APRICUS Chicken Stew. The APRICUS Chicken Stew features elements such as confit chicken thigh, roasted potatoes, cherry tomato confit, homemade tangy tomato curry sauce, pea tendrils and curry leaf. First taste of the stew and we found this item to be especially familiar-tasting; the homemade tangy tomato curry sauce does bear some sort of resemblance to that of the local favourite fish head curry — a version that is surprisingly lighter and cleaner without all that coconut milk, and thus easy to eat. The homemade tangy tomato curry sauce works well with of all the elements that they have included; the okra providing a good crunch and a nice colour contrast in terms of the presentation of the dish along with the Cherry tomatoes, while the potatoes provided a chunky bite without being particularly filling considering how they have been roasted for a good texture, whilst also being diced into small cubes for easier consumption as well. We were told that the preparing of the confit chicken thigh that is served in the APRICUS Chicken Stew is done similar to what one would have expected for a duck confit dish — we are pretty much sold when we found out how amazingly tender the confit chicken thigh was. The flesh fell off the bone easily; pretty much an effortless affair while the chicken has been lightly pan-seared for the slightly crusted exterior for some flavour — the flesh also being absolutely juicy whilst being at it. Overall, a very hearty dish that was surprisingly familiar to us in terms of the flavours that it brings to the table — would really liked to have a slice of bread or two to mop up all of that homemade tangy tomato curry sauce which we absolutely loved.

Some may find The Apricus Coffee & Food Co. rather similar to that of The Populus Coffee & Food Co. — The Apricus Coffee & Food Co. does carry a very familiar vibe in terms of both its environment and the food served especially for those who have previously been to The Populous Coffee & Food Co. before. That being said, we would reckon that The Apricus Coffee & Food Co. is more of an extension to what The Populus Coffee & Food Co. is — there is indeed a more adventurous play of flavours, where some of their All Day Brunch dishes do carry somewhat of a Middle Eastern touch; think elements such as labneh, babaganoush, za’atar, hummus, chickpeas etc. being used in some of the dishes here. With The Populous Coffee & Food Co. already being a prominent name in the cafe scene ever since its establishment several years ago, The Apricus Coffee & Food Co. is likely a destination in Jalan Kayu for avid cafe-hoppers to check out — one that would also be seemingly popular with those living around the Sengkang, Punggol and Jalan Kayu neighbourhoods as well. Good to see the folks at The Populus Coffee & Food Co. starting out something new after all these while — here’s wishing them all the best as they slowly settle into their official launch, and for all that is to come in the future!

Heard about the new Tuk Tuk Gai that had recently moved into the coffeeshop situated at Blk 279 Sengkang East Avenue — we had previously visited the coffeeshop for the now-defunct Empyrosis; a western cuisine stall that used to be within the same coffeeshop. There has since been some changes with the tenancy of the stalls here; apart from Tuk Tuk Gai, we had also found a couple of new stalls here such as Da Wei Wang 大煨王 that primarily serves up minced meat noodles, as well as the new Mana Lagi — a concept by the Fattybombom Group that western cuisine, curry rice etc. which are all halal-certified. Tuk Tuk Gai is a concept by the folks behind Yaowarat Seafood — focusing on Thai fried chicken as their primary offering, the stall offers their fried chicken with either Chicken Rice, or Coconut Rice. For those who are not into fried chicken, the stall also offers Garlic Pork as an option for their rice dishes; other Thai dishes that are being served at Tuk Tuk Gai includes Basil Chicken / Pork with Rice, Tom Yum Seafood Noodles Soup, or Thai Green Curry with Rice and Egg. The ala-carte section of the menu comprises of side dishes, while the dessert section has two items listed; a Mango Glutinous Rice and the Tapioca in Coconut Milk.

We were really tempted by the Coconut Rice with Wings and hence went with it; the item being pretty wallet-friendly considering its portion at its price point at $5.90 — comes with coconut rice, sunny side-up, two full Thai fried chicken wings, shallots, Ikan Bilis and peanuts, as well as chili on the side. On first look, one could probably tell that the dish is likely inspired from the local favourite Nasi Lemak, especially considering the condiments that come together with the plate. The rice, which comes with light hue of green, is actually pretty fragrant; comes with a light aroma of Pandan and coconut milk that was fairly alluring, yet being sufficiently moist and fluffy. The sunny side-up is also decently executed; some may call it the the typical “Nasi Lemak / Economic Bee Hoon plastic egg” considering how it looks, but we were actually surprised by how the egg yolk was somewhat runny still as we poked the yolk with the fork. Moving on to the Thai fried chicken wings, we were really impressed with how these ones went — not only were they not greasy, but while despite the fried batter being on the thicker side, we liked how each bite delivered a crunch before one reaches that juicy flesh within. The wings have also been marinated with turmeric before being deep-fried; really enjoyed that slightly sweet yet savoury note of the fried chicken here which was a pleasure to have. To further elevate the texture of the chicken wings, they have also added fried shallots to the dish to up that crisp factor as well. The Ikan Bilis were also kept well — delivered the crunch without being feeling anywhere limp from being displayed for too long, whilst being just saltish enough for flavour; the chili on the side providing quite a good spicy kick whilst being sweet enough just like how Nasi Lemak chili should have been that makes it a good accompaniment to the coconut rice.

One of the biggest draw on Tuk Tuk Gai for us was the price point — really liked how all of the mains here are priced below $10; the only item that is priced above $10 being the Whole Thai Fried Chicken which costs $12.90. In terms of food quality, we found that Tuk Tuk Gai delivered; definitely enjoyed the Coconut Rice with Wings that was a great alternative to a usual plate of Nasi Lemak in terms of its composition and price point. Overall, a spot which we are definitely happy to revisit again — value-for-money, and a gem in that Sengkang residents would likely be excited to check out.

It tastes like milk tea😅 and too sweet for me. I don’t really taste the coffee flavour.

Price: $6.90/slice ⭐️6.5/10

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