Super Foods In Johor And Where To Find Them

It's time to make every calorie count! Load up on some much needed vitamins, minerals and other goodies with this list!

Getting all your necessary nutrients daily is a chore in itself, which is why you should start looking to super foods. These include protein packed beans, B vitamin rich vegetables and healthy fatty acids from fish and grains. Read on to find the best and tastiest places to get all the goodness of these super foods.

Restoran Star HadramoutPhoto by Star Hadramout

For Hummus
Hummus is a dip that is made from blended chickpeas, which forms a paste that is rich in minerals such as manganese and iron, as well as vitamins and protein. The best way to enjoy hummus at Star Hadramout is to order their appetizers. These large platters come not only with hummus but Fattoush and Tabbouleh (Levantine salads). You can have them either regular sized (RM29) or large (RM40), with the latter having an additional dip of Mutabal, which is similar to hummus, but made with eggplants and olive oil instead.

NOSH by Poké TwinsPhoto by NOSH by Poké Twins

For Beans Grains And Seeds
If you're ever in the mood for an all in one complete and healthy meal, look no further than the legendary Poké bowl. Nosh is a really good spot as their selection, customization and flavor are superb. We recommend the Quinoa beef bowl (RM23.90), which comes with a striploin steak, honey glazed carrots, turmeric cauliflower, sweet and spicy charred corn, mix seeds, and of course a base of Quinoa. Another great item is the "Super Food" salad (RM18.90), which comes with an abundance of vitamin and mineral rich veggies, seeds and nuts with a delectable coconut curry dressing.

Sama Sama CafePhoto by Burppler John Barry

For Chia Seeds
Healthy foods are sometimes hard to swallow, but over at Sama Sama they have smoothie bowls that will leave you wanting more. Try their avocado smoothie bowl (RM22.90), which is loaded with oats, coconut shavings, sunflower seeds, and of course, Chia seeds. Not to mention the blended smoothie base made with bananas and avocado is a great source of vitamins C, E, K, and B6, niacin, folate, magnesium, fiber and potassium to name a few.

H GourmetPhoto by H Gourmet

For Salmon And Much More
Salmon meat is a well known superfood that is rich in not only protein and B vitamins, but long chain omega 3 fatty acids which are great for decreasing inflammation and lowering blood pressure. Have either sous vide (RM39) or in their value bento set (RM28.80), both come with sides, with the latter having a choice of either multigrain rice or pasta salad.