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Mixed Porridge (S$4.50)
Addon Egg (S$0.50)
Lots of liao. Thick consistency.

Chai Chee Pork Porridge

I would rename this, Pulut Hitam Lite … perfect for those who enjoy Pulut Hitam without the heaviness of coconut cream. It definitely was a better choice than the apple pies that have unfortunately fallen in standards over the years. The black rice were well-cooked. Kinda al-dente with nice chewy texture adding to a pleasant mouthfeel. Goes well with McDonald’s signature pie crust!

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There’s much hype over the 2022 National Day Special from McDonald’s and I can’t help but land my hands on one too. Sandwiched between fluffy, soft buns was a crispy prawn patty with succulent prawns - REAL prawns! I was quite surprised to find actual prawns (had expected minced prawns) in the patty instead. + a pretty thiccc sunny 🍳 that you find in their signature muffins. The burger came with laksa sauce to bring across the laksa taste. It was a good effort, and definitely wasnt a case of creativity / fusion gone wrong. However, it wasn’t as mind-blowing as the Nasi lemak burger or the Hainanese chicken burger from previous years. Worth one try!

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We ordered the patin fish to be served mala style (as recommended by the friendly waitress). The fish was fairly huge, the meat was flaky and succulent with a good bite to it as all fresh fish do. This also came with beancurd skin, cabbage and some sprouts. This was on promotion and the total cost about $50 after gst and service charge. Rating: 8.1/10

Do note that the spiciness level is fixed as the establishment purportedly wants its patrons to experience the authentic flavour profile (the phrase used was 原味). That said, one need not be scared by how red this dish turned out as the spice level was at a pleasant and tolerable level - for someone who generally orders 小辣 for mala xiangguo . The staff were friendly and service was prompt too. Will most definitely recommend this place.

Deep within the heartlands of Sengkang (Fernvale), @coldflings is a Gelato & Waffles, Açaí Cafe that can satisfy your dessert cravings at odd hours in the night!😉

What we enjoyed was their Buttery Waffles with 2 scoops of Gelato:

👉Chrysanthemum Cacao Nibs
So refreshing and not too sweet!

👉Chocolate Indulgence
Love that the flavour was robust. In collaboration with Vitaminmall, this contains collagen peptides & probiotics!

If you’re in the neighborhood, I’d highly recommend you to visit this newly opened ice-cream cafe! Dine-in seats within the cafe can be quite limited but there is an outdoor seating area which can probably accommodate about 3-4 groups.👍

[Media Invite]

📍Cold Flings
High Park Residences
21 Fernvale Rd 01-05, S797637
🚇2 mins away from Thanggam LRT (Sengkang)
🚘Public Parking Right Beside

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Housed in the same coffee shop as Ponggol Nasi Lemak, Yi Ji Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee serves a dryer than usual version of our comforting dish. Using a mix of thin beehoon and thick yellow noodles, we felt that this dish offered a nicer contrast in textures compared to hokkien Mee served with thick beehoon. The dish was well-flavored and one could taste the rich seafood umami flavors when slurping the the delightful noodles. For this $8 portion, about 4 or 5 prawns were given. There were also chewy mock abalone pieces that went surprisingly well with the noodles.

What spice lovers would really appreciate is the spice level of the chili given at the side. With “super spicy” written on the banner of this stall, one could be certain to satisfy their desire for the mouth numbing sensation that comes alongside their bright red chili sauce.

Do check it out if you’re at the coffee shop! It’s certainly an above average plate of hokkien Mee that is sure to leave your tummy (and soul) satisfied.

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🍔 When you want to treat yourself with burger...
Go for 25 degrees (the best burger in town we said!)
The set comes with curly fries & ginger ale
👍 My pal go for Number 1 Burger (the classic) $15 juicy! (Not pictured here) normally i won't rave much as too many choices here when it comes to burgers but for this one, worth checking it out! 🐡😉

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Really liked the Bingsu and the milk tea ice cream :) not a super huge fan of the bread below (forgot the name hehe)

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Braved a 15 minute walk in the recent Singapore heat, from a church we were visiting only because of Burpplebeyond.
Also because I spied Denzy at i12 huggs outlet and thought this homegrown ice cream brand must be doing things right.
Our scoops of pistachio and yoghurt with speculoos (think firmer yole with ur favourite cookie sauce) were indeed promising and the waffles here are airy. They have crisp ends and are easy for 1 pax to finish off, well at least both mum and I had 1 each.
Was mildly peeved after spending 1 hour at the Bedok cafe when I enquired if they had wifi and the staff immediately chirped no; yet I later saw a “free wifi” sticker on the glass door while walking back to my seat. I should have asked “can I have the wifi password?”.

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Well some people would love this dish and you have no reason not to get this as well. Pairs well with a bowl of bak kut teh.

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Another side dish worth getting would be this braised fried beancurd. Soft and chewy with every pieces.

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This is always a nice place to have some warm bowl of bak kut teh, and never stop me to return back for more.

This time I also gotten some other dishes from the menu, such as this one. The braised pig’s trotters comes with juicy and chewy skin.

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