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For Rm12 you get a juicy and loaded with sauce and cheese sirloin steak burger, what a deal.

This store has a bunch of burger as well, like fried chicken etc

There's nothing much to say, it's a halal lok lok place. Just pick your poison, be it duck, chicken, crab sticks, mushrooms, vegetables, fish, whatever it is, it's 80 cents a stick, it's gonna get deep-fried in light batter and it's gonna get bathed in a spicy powder that tastes like paprika and chilli. After that pick your sauce, they have BBQ, green chilli, Thai chilli, mayonnaise, cheese, and ketchup. As for drinks, there's not much to choose from, but I'd say pick whatever is on promo when you're there, they're roughly the same anyway.

My only concern is that it's very oily, I mean like the United States wants to invade your plate levels of oily.


Like next door, the lok lok here is grilled, not deep-fried. We ordered the usual suspects, plus parson's nose. It was not the best I've tasted. They were big, but had a strange texture.

A must-order since it's expensive and rare in Singapore. As expected, the skin was crispy and the meat was tender.

The signature dish like Kimdo, but I totally didn't get it. It's really just mee tai mak like we know it in Singapore.

I didn't like Kimdo next door and when they told me they have the same boss, I was worried. Indeed, this dish was like Kimdo's, where the sauce was okay but the crustacean was a little off.

Shocking. This was medium size. See how much noodles and that soup. Large size was unbelievable too. Like a bucket.

This had a funky name but I've forgotten. And I used singular because it seemed to be meat off a single rib? A signature dish apparently and the plating pointed to it, but really ordinary.