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Ok this one, the sambal is good, but sadly the bread is dry and a little burnt.

There's alot of things in here, and I kinda regret having something this greasy for breakfast

The drinks were good, but the dishes were pretty aweful, NGL.

JJ Wine & Tapas bar is not only a restaurant but a wine and spirits store as well, as such you can expect a wide selection of alcoholic beverages to be available, the prices for bottles vary but expect to spend upwards of RM100 per bottle of wine. Burppler Klay Eats enjoyed their cheese baked rice (RM25), and warned anyone who was "lactose intolerant" to "definitely stay away from", it as a testament to the rich cheese used in the dish.
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"Interesting combination of favors and textures, but it overpowered the beef quite a bit... And I don't think this cut is a tenderloin? 🤔 But at about RM21.90 with 2 side dishes, it makes a satisfying late dinner at 10pm! 😝"
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"Here's the yummy Waffle Rumble (RM25) with nacho cheese and mayo blobs squeezed into the waffle holes, together with a sausage and creamy scrambled eggs with turkey ham! YUM.

I wish we had such affordable brunches in Singapore!"
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Raw serves up a variety of western and fusion dishes, such as their burger ayam berempah (RM20), pulled beef rendang Poke bowl (RM19.90) as well as purely western dishes, like eggs benedict (RM19) and an english breakfast (RM27). Burppler Keach Barry finds their prices rather reasonable when he tried their smoked duck bowl (RM17.90) "The duck was the best I've ever tasted. It's juicy, flavorful and soft. It's amazing honestly. The extras around the plate gives you heterogeneity in your meal. Each spoonful has a different primary flavor and its a very enjoyable experience. The portion size is reasonable and will fill up the average man."
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Order the hummus, and lamb Mandy and see if you can finish both of them alone.

This place serves drinks by the bottle, and some pretty good food.
This here is their baked rice (RM25) which those who are lactose intolerant should definitely stay away from.

What better way to start your day than with a good old fry up and cold brew coffee.

The supreme breakfast set here costs RM28 and you get two lengthy slices of bacon, 2 sausages, scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, two slices for toast, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and either potatoes or pumpkin.

I went with the pumpkin, overall this supreme breakfast has items that compliment each other, the bacon and sausages hold the main flavour, while everything else provides texture. That being said I wish they had drizzled a bit of olive oil and rock salt on that baby pumpkin slice, it was a little too bland for my liking.

The cold brew (RM10) here is superb, mellow and smooth, not too bitter but entirely coffee. I can't tell what beans were used because the flavour profile, as I mentioned, is mellow.

This place is recommended, albeit slightly pricey, I would say it's worth it.

(ABC, if you're reading this, maybe season the pumpkin a bit, I will be returning soon)


Didn't expect to find Lei Cha (Thunder Tea) here. A traditional Hakka dish consisting of rice, peanuts, long beans, and Choy Sum, all bathed in a broth of green tea leaves, mint leaves, Thai basil leaves, peanut and sesame seeds.

Seven Oaks Lei Cha broth has a hint of what I think is chicken stock, making it savoury, not a bad thing, but I always preferred my Lei Cha broth to be more minty fresh with less flavour.

Overall this is a good place to try Lei Cha if you've never had it before!

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A very savoury meal. The spiciness of mala compliment the juiciness of the minced meat. Served with short grain rice, it really is a fulfilling meal.