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Unassuming, hole-in-the-wall minimalistic sandwich stall within Far East Square. I’ve heard so much about their grilled sandwiches and am finally landing my hands on one! Korea’s current menu is rather limited in terms of protein options in unpreserved forms (ie. fresh meat!) They’re pretty much meatless or comes served with spam/ turkey ham. For the rather steep price point, I would expect more freshness in the grills. It’s unfortunate that duck is no longer on the menu! I dropped by for a visit on a Friday - just for the Tuna Melt which was available only on Fridays (Chicken - “Roasted Chook" is available on Thursdays at the time of writing).

The order took 10mins to be prepared and served - piping hot! I love how melty they look on the insides, and plus points to the sunny side up! I like how it wasn’t fully cooked - as pictured, it was slightly runny on the insides. It’s the perfect gooeyness to add to the gooey mess. The tuna salad (essentially tuna mixed with mayo and other seasoning), was also served with green chillies, a new flavour mix that I wasn’t aware could taste so good. All goodness sandwiched between whole-wheat sourdough grilled to golden brown, it’s simply amazing! I had one of the most gratifying lunches in the CBD to-date. The impressive tuna sandwich is now making me reconsider their spam-filled options… how could I dismiss them off just because they’re loaded with sodium!

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had the steak and egg, and it was pretty good and really worth the price with burpple beyond! the matcha latte was rich in flavor too, but the orange mocha felt just a tad bit diluted

I had a really wonderful evening dining at Meadesmoore. There was a good variety of interesting dishes and we decided to start off with the Breaded Pig's Head, Baby Octopus Piperade, Bone Marrow and Maitake Mushroom. The starters were really flavoursome, exotic and easily prepared our palates for the upcoming mains we ordered.

We shared the Onglet and Flat Iron, and it was honestly one of the best steaks I have ever eaten!! Paired with the Salsa Verde, the meats were cooked to such perfection, it's texture so heavenly and succulent that it melted with such wholesome flavours in my mouth!

We ended off the entire meal with a Tiramisu, which needless to say, wrapped up the entire dinner really well!

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience (coupled with the exceptional service provided). Would definitely be back again for more!! :)

Redeemed this with the 30% off bill deal and paid $18.95 for the pasta! Pasta was nice and creamy but got a bit jelak after awhile 🍄

A bowl created by Chef Mano Thevar, Bombay street with a twist - basmati brown rice, corn and chana dhal kichdi, pumpkin vada with kachumber raita, curry leaf crumb and crispy onions. I loved all the flavours, especially the vada but wished there was a bigger portion of dhal and raita as I had excess rice which was a little dry on its own. All bowls by Bamboo are plant-based with meat and low-carb options at additional cost (plus $3-$5).

Bamboo has a unique concept where you order through their app and use the app to open your pod for collection. Although the main goal is for a contactless transaction, my main gripe is that the process was not as seamless as expected. Not only do you need to download an additional app that is only unique to this store, they only accept credit card payment (no ApplePay yet though they’re working on it according to an employee) and each pod can only hold two boxes - meaning that if I do a large order for my table an employee still has to hand me the food boxes. Cool idea but not practical with form over function…? We probably spent more time with the employees trying to help us download the app than a typical system with an employee taking down our order.

Came here to have the same meal because they don't have the hot stone, but it's still good.

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Unwrapped at the table, the hoja santa leaf parcel unleashes a fragrant waft of the slow-roasted duck leg within to tantalise the tastebuds. It doesn't disappoint, as the meat is tender and not at all gamey. We have it with tomatilla salsa and warm tortillas for a most satisfactory and savoury DIY soft-shell taco.
Taste: 3.5/5

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If u like matcha, please check this out! Wow a good fusion betw french n japanese

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Perfect breakfast coffee, with the sweet scent of cereals and milk paired with espresso. A great way to start the day!

Slightly pricey but the novelty of the drink makes it worth a try at least. Not many places offer this option! Would recommend if you like your lattes slightly sweet and want to try something a little different.

The shop is quite small with a limited seating area but it makes the whole ambience quite cozy with the feeling of everyone huddled up together.

Staff were very chirpy and friendly - creating a warm atmosphere and a pleasant experience overall.

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Lu rou fan bento came with cabbage, salted veg, pickled cucumber, sausage, braised meat, egg and tau kwa. It was a well balanced meal with protein and vegetables. The rice was well coated with the flavourful braised sauce.

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Comforting bowl of soup feature DUCK wrap in Sze Chuan salted vegetables & savoy cabbage with tomberries.

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Honestly one of the best seafood pakcakes eaten!! Its really crispy but thick at the same time🤣 Please see my previous burpple post for Singkoba's review!!

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