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Naan was well toasted and went well with Chicken butter masala. Good place for a Indian meal with 50% on beyond

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Very nice Briyani, mutton is soft and melts in your mouth. Flavours are not too overpowering.

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Absolutely tender mutton in a sea of perfectly spiced Briyani, fragrant, aromatic and overall pleasant to the palate.
This restaurant is rated as the number one on trip advisor, and with this dish I am absolutely convinced.

Wow this is literally one of the best muttons I’ve had.
(And I don’t usually take mutton)

It completely melts in your mouth and taste so good with the briyani.

10/10 would recommend!

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Super fragrant garlic naan and goes super well with their butter chicken.

Very spacious and comfortable air-conditioned space. Good for a pit stop, made even better with the beyond deal!

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Garlic naan is always my go to choice and this one didn’t disappoint. Eating it with the chicken butter masala was definitely the right decision 🀩

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Am normally not a fan of mutton but this dish might have converted me. Super yummy and well done 🀀

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Wondering what all the hype is about as they are ranked no. 1 on trip advisor but it is most certainly worth the trip here. Super yummyyyy

You can't ruin Pad Thai, if you do, you better call it something else, but here at black canyon, they make really good Pad Thai (RM14.90).

A little spicy than what I would prefer, but it's Thai food, of course it's spicy

Not your typical tempura, this one uses a combination of banana fritter batter and KFC spices (I think).

Not bad.

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For RM98, you get a fish (big enough for 4 people), Seafood soup (we picked tomyam with squid and prawn), an omelete stuffed with meat and beans, fried vegetables, and tempura prawns.

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