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There's no other cuisine quite like Thai. Simple yet robust and complex in flavour, it's not hard...

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If you’re a fan of Thai food, I got a scenic dining spot for you to check out!

Hidden within East Coast Park, @centralthai offers a wide variety of authentic Thai food at affordable prices. The breathtaking sea views coupled with sea breeze exudes a relaxing vibe for one to enjoy a hearty meal with loved ones.

Here’s what we tried:
🍍Pineapple Fried Rice
I like the presentation of this dish! The fluffy rice was fragrant and well-tossed, a classic dish done right!
🐟Steamed Lemon Sea Bass
My must-order dish whenever I visit a Thai restaurant. I love how refreshing and zesty this dish is. So appetising!
🦐Tom Yum Seafood Soup
🦐Prawn Cakes
🍗Thai Spicy Basil Chicken
🥬Sambal Mix Vegetable
🍦Sticky Rice Ice Cream

Time to plan for your next family gathering at @centralthai !

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Food is good, but missed out our order. Take note that many of the dishes are not available too.

Clean, delicate, and comforting, their Paper Fish ($23/ small, 180g) was a nice balance to the heavier flavours found in the other dishes at the table. The hearty hunk of a fish embellished with tomatoes was uber fresh, moist and flaky. Infused with garlic, lime, culantro, and chopped chilli, the steam-baked barramundi had a pleasant tang as well - I would say a distinctive Thai flavour. I like that the spiced marination was kept light and the natural taste of the fish was still able to shine with the condiments.

Tossed with garlic butter, truffle oil, and truffle salsa, the Garlilicious Prawn ($28) was two thumbs up and my favourite of the lot. The sautéed tiger prawns were plump, sweet, and fresh. However, the lip-smacking sauce stole the show for me. Punchy but not too rich, the earthy pool of truffle sauce was umami and moreish - great when paired with a steaming bowl of rice. Not too in your face, the dish had a great balance of garlic and truffle flavour as well so I would highly recommend getting it. The only qualm is that you have to deshell the prawn.

Like what many have said, the HUE’s offerings are not exactly the classic Thai dishes, hence I kept an open mind and really enjoyed all the dishes I ordered.

A great starting dish to share, HUE’s Three Little Pigs ($19) was appetising and flavourful. Think the all-familiar oven-roasted crispy pork belly but stir-fried with an aromatic mix of garlic, coriander, chopped chilli, and white pepper. Not too saucy, the savoury dish had a good dose of heat with a slight herbaceous kick. With a higher fat-to-meat ratio, the protein was tender and surprisingly not cloying at all. Also, love the crunch from the crackling skin.

A decent Thai restaurant at Serangoon Garden with I’m surprised with the portion of basil pork given on the plate.

I actually finish my rice before the basil pork. Spicy enough for me to enjoy the meat.

Randomly chanced upon this cafe, small but cosy. Their tomyum is towards the sour spicy type, much to my liking. Pork basil was delicious too. Very worth for the portion size and price!

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My benchmark in selecting the best thai food, prawn cakes. There were whole prawns inside each ring and they were all fried to a beautiful golden brown. Juice was oozing out of this treat and is surely a repeated order for me. Can't recall the price but trust me, it won't disappoint!

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CALLING ALL GARLIC LOVERS 🧄🫶🏻🥰 Chicken is coated with what I think is a seasoned batter used for most fried thai food. The killing point is the fried minced garlic sprinkled on it! NO WORDS JUST TOO GOOD! Can't recall the price but trust me, it won't disappoint!

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A huge shout-out to the fat and juicy prawns that came with the noodles. Perfectly seasoned and no greasiness. Can't recall the price but trust me, it won't disappoint!

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The aroma of the basil is hard to miss and the spice level is just right. The sauce was also delectable. Can't recall the price but trust me, it won't disappoint!

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Am very intrigued by how the color wasn't particularly green, but was rather yellow. Nonetheless, it was a spicy and delightful curry with generous portions of butter-soft beef. Can't recall the price but trust me, it won't disappoint!

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