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a non-alcoholic cocktail that’s umami from the olives🍸 and zesty from the yuzu🍋

100% plant-based burgers from @veganburgsg!

Featured here are the following burgers:

🐥Hainanese Chickenless Burger: This is a limited edition burger in celebration of Singapore National Day! It will be available from 28 Jul 2022! Lots of flavourful chicken rice chilli sauce in this, with meatless chicken patty, cucumber slices, tomato slices and lettuce!

🦀Chilli Krab Burger: Another local delight flavour! This features a crispy plant-protein “crabmeat” patty where the interior really resembled that of soft meaty crabmeat! Comes with lettuce and chilli crab sauce and sandwiched in a wholemeal fluffy bun!

Add $3.90 to complete each meal and you get a side (seaweed fries or broccoli) and a drink (original lemonade / cranberry lemonade / ginger lemonade)! Shout out to the seaweed fires as it was so good! Crispy thick cut fries are the best!

Check them out at 44 Jalan Eunos, or order from their link at www.Veganburg.com

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Nice thin pizza that’s full of cheese and mushrooms. Great for sharing with friends. They have the option to change the cheese to vegan cheese.

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Went to Hvala to try their Matcha Ice Blend with Oat Milk ($8), Genmaicha Ice Blend with Oat Milk ($8), Goma Ice Cream ($5.90) and a Genmaicha Ice Cream ($5.90)!😇 I really enjoyed the Genmaicha icecream!!😍Goma icecream was pretty good too if you are a black sesame lover🤣 Ice Blended drinks i prefer the Matcha to the Genmaicha (due to the nutty roasted taste)😅

Overall ratings 8/10!! Would visit again and try out other items on the menu😇

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Lastly, I was really impressed by the tangsuyuk! In order to make it vegetarian, they replaced the pork with mushroom, but it was still really tasty! The sweet and sour flavours in the sauce really did go well together. Though the texture of the batter may be a little hard, the sweetness and the umami from the fresh mushrooms within made up for it.

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Though I haven't eaten much kale in my life, my friend who cooked kale before said that they did this very well as it isn't bitter and still maintained its bite! It was lightly seasoned, making it a really healthy dish.

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Had a chance to try a variety of dishes from the vegetarian restaurant and I was thoroughly impressed!

Let's begin with the stews, pretty much a staple to order from Korean restaurants. The Soondubu jjigae or tofu stew was really hearty, pretty spicy and the stock was well flavoured with the vegetables within! Though I prefer my tofu stew with seafood, this is tasty as well. The dwenjang jjigae or bean paste stew has the umami coming from the fermented bean paste and it is definitely hearty too!

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Here at their newest outlet, space was limited due to the crowd on a weekend. Their ice-blended hojicha drink tasted good as usual!

This took a bit longer to prepare than other meals, but it was great. Lots of cheese goodness with mushrooms, tomato and spaghetti.

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Decently large portion of pasta, especially good deal since it's on beyond.

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Pretty good tom yum. Comes with rice and a heating station to always keep it hot!

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