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This place is Instagram worthy, and perhaps the only Instagram worthy place in Johor.

The lighting is perfect, the color selection of the interior and the tasteful rustic and industrial furniture is just a step above everything else.

Most Cafés feel either too cluttered and messy or very sparse and famished.

Image cooker strikes a perfect balance of decor and style.

Not to mention their vegan selection is good enough for a carnivorous being like myself.

Do you love Pina coladas~?

You don't? Then try this Mojito.

Fruity, fresh and minty.

Also kinda pricey

But this mix does pack a massive punch. One glass is enough to get you going.

Prawn flavourer crackers... I think.

A little pricey at RM19, but the serving size is massive and this makes for a great bar bite

Taste exactly like the one I had near Kintamani.
This place wins when it comes to authentic Balinese cuisine.

The sambal selection was also superb

Yes, that's cheese on this iced mocha.

And yes, I loved it

Roots has literally mastered the making of sourdough, you can tell the fermentation is done perfectly making their breads have the signature tanginess of sourdough that is not intrusive

A springy eggy delight, with tomatoes and spinach to surprisingly brighten the eggs.

This is an lacto ovo vegetarian dish

A perfect starter for your meal.
This vegetarian soup tastes absolutely heavenly.
A mix of broccoli, herbs and umami from what I think are dried mushrooms.

Green tea and honey.
Has a mild acidity to it, nothing too extreme.
Flavor was pleasant.
The entire drink goes down very easily and is rather enjoyable

A mixture of wild berries served in a glass coated with the aroma of smoked rosemary.

The waiter will smoke the glass at your table and serve you the sweet and tarty beverage

100% meet free, but 100% delicious.

This is an ovo-lacto vegetarian sourdough bakery, and it would be the first time I actually appreciate the presence of the bun in a burger.

A wholesome and tasty but animal free version of an American classic

The mixture of cheese is cohesive, providing a satisfying layer over the artisanal sourdough that is used as the base.