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Social AR & 3D Design

Push your creative boundaries into a new dimension with social AR and 3D design. Superside makes immersive marketing accessible, unlocking brand engagement and expression through a fresh lens.

Providing creative to more than 450 happy customers

From 3D illustration to AR interactive games: just Superside it

Sidestep slow, expensive agencies and access world-class creatives to create one-of-a-kind brand experiences that work with your existing marketing strategy.

Whether you want to go big at your next brand event, or integrate more immersive marketing into your content calendar, Superside lets you access the opportunities 3D and AR open up for your go-to-market plan


3D elements & AR experiences to match your objectives

World-facing AR

World-facing AR

Seamlessly blend digital elements into the real-world with lenses that let your audience experience you brand with a new perspective.

Front-facing AR

Front-facing AR

Bring a whole new meaning to 'in-your-face' with interactive games and AR face filters.

3D Illustrations

3D Illustrations

Bring ideas and products to life with thoughtful and captivating 3D elements throughout the buying journey.

3D Product Visualizations

3D Product Visualizations

Bring your products into their world with realistic and interactive 3D assets that stretch their imagination and fast-track conversion.

Making AR & 3D accessible to ambitious brands

From idea to market fast

From idea to market fast

Superside's CaaS model let's your team move with the agility you need to launch and learn as you experiment with 3D and immersive marketing.

Cost-effective and scalable

Cost-effective and scalable

With a team that knows your brand, and hours that can go towards any capability, make a smart bet on 3D & AR by using the Superside hours you have on hand.

Future-proof performance

Future-proof performance

Work with world-class creatives from concept to delivery so you launch scroll-stopping campaigns and develop future-proof designs along the way.


Unlock immersive marketing with Superside

Our creative-as-a-service solution offers a subscription that lets you allocate hours towards various creative capabilities, including social augmented reality.

Access world-class talent

Get access to AR specialists, developers, 3D illustrators and modelers, texture artists, animators and other top-notch creatives from around the world.

With Superside, every project has a purpose-built team for its unique objectives and style.

Design across channels & creative skills

Sometimes you won't need AR or 3D, but you'll always need good creative.

If your content calendar doesn't include immersive marketing this month, you can allocate your Superside hours towards other design projects like ad creative, video, and even branding services.

Roll over spare hours

Superside flexes to your team's design demand fluctuations so you can ensure your creative investments generate ROI.

Unused hours can also be strategically rolled over to the next month and used for bigger projects in the pipeline.

Increase awareness with AR


The boost in brand lift compared with traditional media
Multiply engagement with 3D


More engaging than 2D images
Increase conversion with AR


higher purchase conversion rate
Ship 3D projects fast

<1 week

Lead time for most 3D requests

A purpose-built team for every 3D and AR project

Superside tailors your project's design team to its unique context and objectives ensuring you are get the skills and resources your project needs to perform.

A new lens into your brand

AR experiences tailored for every objective.

Social Media Filters

Leverage the power of AR in social media marketing to create memorable experiences and drive user engagement across various platforms.

3D Product Design

Realistic and interactive 3D product designs that enable customers to visualize and engage with your products, enhancing their buying experience.

Branded Interactive Games

Promote products, services, or events, while creating an immersive and interactive experience that strengthens brand awareness and customer engagement.

3D Branded Elements

Custom 3D typefaces and UI elements that enhance your brand's visual identity and improve overall UX through engaging and dynamic designs.

Interactive Product Demos

Provide customers with an immersive and interactive way to explore product features, benefits, and use cases.

3D Illustration

Expertly crafted 3D illustrations that capture your brand's essence and appeal to your target audience, driving engagement and conversions.

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